Fresh produce packaged in Styrofoam, and wrapped in plastic shrink-wrap

FDA Compounds

AM Stabilizers produces FDA-compliant Calcium/Zinc stabilizers that meet the highest quality standards of the foodservice and healthcare industries.

We produce FDA-compliant Calcium/Zinc-based stabilizers for the foodservice and healthcare industries, meeting the highest clarity, flexibility, biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and quality standards.

We Offer:

  • FDA-compliant stabilizers for food packaging and medical applications
  • NSF-compliant stabilizers for direct food contact
  • Gamma sterilization-friendly solutions

We create stabilizers for:

  • Food packaging and cling wrap
  • Pharmaceutical packaging, medical tubing, IV and blood bags, catheters, surgical tools, respiratory masks, and more

We have solutions to:

  • Color hold
  • Clarity

Choose AM Stabilizers for your PVC heat stabilizer needs and experience peace of mind knowing that your products meet the highest standards of performance, compliance, and sustainability. Contact us today to take your applications to new heights.