A PVC glass door

Rigid PVC

We provide a comprehensive range of sustainably-produced stabilizers tailored for various rigid PVC applications.

From solid to liquid formulations, we offer cutting-edge Calcium/Zinc stabilizers and boosters designed to enhance the performance and durability of your products. Explore our capabilities to discover how AM Stabilizers can elevate the performance and profitability of your Rigid PVC applications.

We Offer:

  • Solid Calcium / Zinc Stabilizers
  • Liquid Calcium / Zinc Stabilizers
  • Liquid and Solid Boosters for Tin Stabilizers

We Develop Stabilizers For:

  • Rigid PVC Extruded - Pipes, Profiles, Siding, Decking, Window Frames
  • Rigid PVC Injection Molded Fittings and Parts
  • Rigid PVC Calendered Films and more

We Develop Solutions for:

  • Cost Effective, Performance driven Tin Stabilizer replacement
  • Tin Boosters for Tin Stabilizer cost reduction