Custom Stabilizer Solutions

When an off-the-shelf solution won’t do, AM Stabilizers utilizes a streamlined work process to provide the custom solutions you need. Here’s what to expect when developing a custom PVC heat stabilizer.

Developing A Custom Stabilizer

  1. Work closely with you to define current challenges, set goals, and product requirements.
  2. Develop custom formulations at our green-energy powered facility to optimize your products and process.
  3. Rigorously field test your new formulation in our lab to ensure high performance, color, and cost, while meeting regulations.
  4. Deliver your custom solution with industry-leading turnaround times.
  5. Follow up to guarantee customer satisfaction and adapt to your evolving needs.

We formulate and rigorously test our products at our facility in Valparaiso, Indiana to meet the unique requirements of your application, meet regulatory demands, and support your operations with industry-leading turnaround times. What challenges are you currently facing? We'd love to hear from you.

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