A person applying a calendered film wrap to a vehicles exterior

Vinyl Flooring

AM Stabilizers offers sustainable Calcium/Zinc stabilizers for luxury vinyl tile (LVT), plank (SPC), and vinyl composition tile (VCT) applications.

Sustainable Flooring Solutions

Our PVC stabilizers are proudly made in the USA, in our 100% solar-powered factory in Valparaiso, IN, ensuring safety, quality, and environmental friendliness. Our compounds adhere to rigorous quality standards and are heavy metal-free and phenol-free.

Technical Support and Quick Turnaround

Our stabilizers balance stability, lubrication, and equilibrium torque for superior flooring performance. Count on our experts for technical assistance and enjoy a short lead time for prompt project fulfillment.

We have solutions to:

  • Fusion timing / consistency
  • Surface defects
  • Lamination issues
  • Die Bearding, Die drool, Die bleed
  • Printability / Surface energy
  • Weathering / Durability

Make the sustainable choice with AM Stabilizers. Elevate your flooring projects with eco-friendly solutions that never compromise on quality. Contact us for a partnership that blends innovation and environmental responsibility.