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AM Stabilizers is the world’s leading supplier of Barium and Calcium intermediates used in the production of mixed metal heat stabilizers for PVC plastics.

Choose from an off-the-shelf solution or talk with us about a custom stabilizer for your unique application. All products are rigorously field tested in our lab facility to ensure durability and stability. Together, we’ll create the solution you need.

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PlastiStab Mixed Metal Liquid Stabilizers

  • PS2000-2099 Calcium/Zinc Liquids
  • PS2200-2249 Food Grade Calcium/Zinc Liquids
  • PS2300-2499 Barium/Zinc Liquids
  • PS3000-3099 Calcium/Zinc Liquids
  • PS4000-4099 Barium/Calcium/Zinc Liquids

PlastiStab Mixed Metal Powder Stabilizers

  • PS2120-2199 Calcium/Zinc Powders
  • PS2550-2599 Barium/Zinc Powders
  • PLS5000-5099 Heavy-Metal Free Powders

PlastiStab Intermediates

  • Barium Liquid Intermediates
  • Calcium Liquid Intermediates
  • Zinc Intermediates

Other PlastiStab Products

  • Epoxidized Soybean Oil
  • Acrylic Process Aids
  • Lubricants
  • Tin Stabilizers